Debimo Blades | Airflow Measuring Blades


  • Ensure accurate indication, control or recording of airflow velocity and volume
  • Permit velocity measurements from 0 to 40 m/s
  • Airfoil section limiting differential heads (<3%) and turbulences
  • Distribution of the measurement apertures on the airfoil permitting the medium air flow control (average of the differential pressures)
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Anodize oxidizing for harsh environments
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Product Specification


Detailed Product Features and Specification


Associated to one of the KIMO differential pressure control means (transmitter sensors, electronic micro manometers, liquid column manometer, pressure switches…), the DEBIMO air flow measurement blades enables to indicate, manage and record the average values of the air velocity and flow of your installations.The DEBIMO air flow measurement blades, conceived and manufactured by KIMO, can be installed in every aeraulics system and works with the flow device element principle (flow depending on the differential pressure).Application examples: blowing in laboratory, VMC, smoke removal, smoke extraction installations, dust-removal systems, climatic engineering…


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