LT 201S | Horizontal Magnetic Level Switch

Technical Data

  • Enclosure housing: Weather proof IP65
  • Process connection: 1 1/2 NPT male, Thread type
  • Material: Wetted parts and housing are 316 stainless steel
  • Temperature limits: – 20 C to + 150 C
  • Pressure Limits: 3.0 MPa (30kg/cm2), option;up to 4.5 MPa
  • Switch Function: Micro switch 1xSPDT option
  • Switch rating: 3A/ 250VAC, 3A/30VDC, 0.4A/ 125VDC
  • Conduit connection: 1/2 NPT Female, option
  • Float working specific gravity: >0.7
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Weather Proof, Side Mounted, Threaded, High Temperature

LT201S float -operated level switches is suitable for controlling liquid level at horizontal mounting. The float equipment with an extended arm moves a couple of magnetic mechanisms to actuate a microswitch to offer an ON-OFF contact for application. However, LT201S is able equipped with an extra fin to be able to work under a high-temperature environment.


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