WF Series | Wedge Type Flow Element


Wedge type flow meter is available for:

  •  The liquid which viscous is higher than 500 mPa.s, such as fuel oil, residual oil and heavy oil
  • Liquid-Solid mixture which contains suspended particles, such as slurry of sewage
  • The Reynolds is available for Re=300 to 10, therefor it can be used in the fluid of gases and steam.
  • The common technical parameters is 25mm<D <600mm, PN < 6.4MPa, t< 200 Degree C.



Technical Data

  • Style: Integral or separate available
  • Service: Please refer to the Features as above
  • Material: SS316 standard; option available
  • Accuracy: + 0.5% of actual flow rate over calibrated range for 1″- 24″
  • Repeatability: 0.2%
  • Line size: Unlimited end, thread end or Weld end available
  • End Connection: flange end, thread end or Weld available
  • Limited Temperature: Integral Style: max. 150 C; Separate Style: max. 370 Degree C
  • Limited Pressure: Integral style: 100 kg/ cm2; Separate style: 20 kg/cm2
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The Wedge type flow meter element, in any of its iterations, is a high quality, precision flow meter designed to provide reliable pressure differential signal that is related inferentially to the volumetric flow rate passing through the element. By use of properly matched secondary instrumentation, the signal developed by this flow element can be converted into appropriate output, including local indication or 4-20mA signal for transmission to other processing systems as may be required.As a result of the open region beneath the wedge, this meter type is excellent for process fluids that are highly viscous, sediment bearing and/or harsh, in addition to clear liquids, gases or steam.The wedge type flow meter is known to possess excellent repeatability, a good uncalibrated accuracy and an excellent calibrated accuracy.



Product Specification


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