S904 | Portable Humidity Chamber

S904 | Portable Humidity Chamber


  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Easy calibration of relative humidity sensors
  • Excellent chamber stability and uniformity
  • Manual control or optional straightforward automated set point programming
  • Optional in-built data-logging for reference probe and probes under calibration
  • Humidity and temperature controlled chamber
  • Generate 10 to 90% RH over +10 to +50°C (+50 to +122°F) temperature
  • Transportable to allow on-site calibrations


The S904 is a completely stand-alone and transportable calibrator for humidity sensors, requiring no external services other than mains power. The calibration chamber features 5 interchangeable ports to accommodate virtually any brand, type or model of sensor. This calibrator is ideal for companies or organizations looking to calibrate large numbers of probes in a laboratory or field setting.

The environment within the insulated calibration chamber is temperature controlled using a 4-zone fan-assisted Peltier arrangement for maximum stability, and minimum temperature gradient. The humidity of the circulating air is precisely regulated using a closed loop control system that functions by proportionally mixing flows of dry and saturated air.

Two highly visible LED panels on the front of the S904 display the current humidity and temperature within the calibration chamber. The response time to a humidity or temperature step change is typically less than 10 minutes, so a simple 3-point calibration can be carried out in under an hour.

An optional integrated digital interface is available for the S904. This allows the humidity and temperature set points of the chamber to be controlled with the supplied PC application software, enabling the operator to create completely automated calibration profiles for unattended laboratory operation. The software also gives the ability to monitor, chart and log data from the connected probes and calibration reference on a PC for later analysis. Alternatively, the set points can be controlled manually with the front panel controls – making the S904 ideal for field calibrations where a PC is not available.

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