Soxhlet Extractors


  • For flasks 250 up to 1000 ml.
  • Spillproof–Stainless Steel Heater.
  • Stepless– heat control.
  • Operating temp.: up to 750°C.
  • Includes 4 support rods and 4 clamps.
  • Durable housing is chemically resistant.
  • Built-in electronic controller regulates element temp. to 750°C, 2 ranges: low & high.
  • Robust aluminum construction permits operation of the units as required by extraction and distillation processes.
  •  “Heat on” light for each recess indicates when power is being supplied to the heater.
  •  For maximum operator protection, models are grounded should spillage or flask breakage occur.
  • Units are designed with a built-in stainless steel liner that gives electrical and mechanical protection against spillage & enables easy cleaning.
  • Lower profile for space-saving convenience.
  • Ideal for repetitive extracting (kjeldahl, soxhlet, and other extraction procedure), refluxing & distilling laboratory applications.
  • Analog controller built-in system.
  • Rods & clamps are offered as standard.
  • Ideal for all brands round flasks
  • Highly-processed aluminum case offers robust standing, easy handling
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