338 | Smoke Tester

338 | Smoke Tester


  • Mobile, robust portable measuring instrument
  • Automatic, direct display of the measurement results
  • Quick, easy operation
  • Data printout on sit
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With the handy testo 338, it is possible to take measurements of the degree of blackening on industrial diesel engines easily on site. The testo 338 is the first mobile measuring instrument which calculates the degree of blackening automatically and without further analysis electronics, and shows it directly in the display as an FSN (Filter Smoke Number) or optionally as a Bosch number or as a soot concentration (mg/m³). Thanks to the wireless data transfer via IrDA or Bluetooth®, the measurement results can be transferred to other instruments or printed out, and are thus immediately saved. The handy design and the easy operation make the testo 338 a practical one-hand measuring instrument for convenient and fast measurements in production, commissioning and maintenance of industrial diesel engines.

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