ADM-880C | AirData Multifunction Datalogging Manometer

ADM-880C | AirData Multifunction Datalogging Manometer


  • 25 Memory Groups
  • Programmable
  • Read Intervals, Start/Stop, Number Of Readings
  • Digital Display In English And Metric Units
  • 2000 Reading Memory With Date And Time Stamp


The ADM-880C AirData Multimeter stores 2000 readings, along with the time and date of each reading, in up to 25 memory groups. Each reading may be recalled along with the average, sum, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation of the readings for each mode within each group. The associated absolute pressure and temperature readings may also be displayed for each airflow or velocity reading stored in memory.

The meter can be easily programmed to store readings at user-specified intervals, along with the start and stop time. The meter may also be programmed to store a specified number of automatic readings, halt the reading sequence, and turn itself off to conserve battery power.

The serial communications port allows the user to download readings directly to a printer or a computer using the serial communications cable included with the meter. Readings may be automatically inserted into an Excel™ spreadsheet. Airflow and velocity readings may be displayed as either standard density mass flow equivalent, or as local density air velocity or volumetric flow, as compensated for variations in barometric pressure and temperature.

The auto-read function allows continuous automatic readings for monitoring ongoing changes in a system as it is being adjusted. Auto-read may also be used with the memory function to store up to 2000 readings.

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