BL783 | Precision Chilled Mirror Hygrometer


  • Dew point measure range -40℃to +90℃
  • Accuracy to ±0.15 ℃ dew point
  • Dynamic balance control for contamination
  • Simultaneously measures dew point, temperature, relative humidity, absolute humidity, specific humidity, enthalpy, vapor pressure and volume ratio (ppmV).
  • Real time data logging and display curve
  • MAX value and MIN value are recorded
  • AC or alternative DC power supply
  • MODBUS RTU and USB communication
  • 4 Inch touch screen
  • External temperature sensor port
  • Improved frost assurance at low dew points


Chilled mirror hygrometry is a precise technique for determining the water vapor content is gases by directly measuring dew point or frost temperatures. Using this technique a metal mirror is cooled until it reaches a temperature at which a thin layer of condensation begins to form on it. The dew layer is detected optically, and the mirror is held at that temperature. The mirror temperature, measures with a PRT, is an accurate indicator of dew or frost point.


  • Reference standard in calibration lab
  • Inlet air measurement for engine testing
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning test
  • Environment monitoring in clean room
  • Humidity control for metallurgical processes
  • Coating process monitoring in pharmacy
  • Reference humidity instruments for climatic and environmental chambers

Product Specification


Detailed Product Features and Specification


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