LMK 858 | Ceramic Sensor, Detachable Plastic Probe Ø 45

LMK 858 | Ceramic Sensor, Detachable Plastic Probe Ø 45


  • Ceramic Sensor
  • Nominal pressure: 0 … 40 cmH2O up to 0 … 100 mH2O
  • Accuracy: 0.35 % (opt. 0.25 %) FSO
  • Diameter 45 mm
  • Cable and sensor section detachable
  • Chemical resistance
  • Housing PP-HT
  • Integrated lightning protection and increased overvoltage protection; 8 kA gas discharge tube (8/20 μsec); 4 kV surge l-l/l-e according to EN61000-4-5

Optional Features

  • Cable protection (on request)
  • Diaphragm pure ceramic (99,9 % AI2O3)
  • Different kinds of cables
  • Different kinds of elastomeres

Areas of Application

  • Chemical Industry
  • Environmental Industry
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The separable plastic immersion probe LMK 858 was designed for level measurement in aggressive media (acids, alkalis), desalination plants and for use in more viscous media such as sludge. Since the area of application is often outside a building, great emphasis was placed on high surge / lightning protection.

The immersion probe is based on an extremely robust and precise pressure sensor, the membrane of which consists of a high-purity ceramic (99.9% purity), with which even the smallest fill levels can be reliably detected.

Another special feature of the LMK 858 is the separability of the probe head and cable part. This advantage reduces maintenance or service tasks and also simplifies storage.

Product Specification


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