DT 11040 | FlashCheck Lollipop Min/Max Thermometer

DT 11040 | FlashCheck Lollipop Min/Max Thermometer


  • °F/°C selectable
  • Min/Max memory stores lowest/highest readings
  • Automatic calibration feature
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Reduced Tip Probe
  • Complies with FDA Food Code 4-203.11


Model 11040 is ideal for measuring food temperatures during cooking and holding. It features a min/max memory which continuously records lowest and highest temperatures, and it can be automatically calibrated in the field

This waterproof thermometer with reduced tip probe is recommended as a food safety tool, and can be used in any establishment where food is prepared, cooked, served and stored, as well as in distribution centers, cold storage and processing facilities. It complies with U.S. Public Health Services Food Code 4-203, and can be used to comply with HACCP requirements. Model 11040 can also be used for commercial and industrial applications, especially in high moisture environments or where minimum/maximum memory is needed.

Applications: Food Establishments, Distribution Centers, Cold Storage, Processing Facilities

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