DT 51060 | TempDot Vaccine Monitor Card

DT 51060 | TempDot Vaccine Monitor Card


  • Single-use, irreversible temperature indicator
  • Monitor refrigerated environments during shipping, storage, handling
  • Immediate visual confirmation of exposure to temperature excursions
  • Easy interpretation of results by receiver or end user
  • Assists with shelf life, quality, and efficacy decisions
  • Identify cold chain problems
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The TempDot Vaccine Monitor Card is designed for tracking time and temperature during vaccine storage, handling and transport, to confirm whether they have been exposed to adverse conditions. This is a cold chain management tool featuring DeltaTrak’s single-use, irreversible TempDot Plus time/temperature label that indicates when cumulative temperature abuse occurs up to 48 degree hours above its 8°C threshold. The card is designed to accommodate the optional TempDot Freeze Indicator label (sold separately), which triggers an irreversible color change when descending temperature falls below its threshold. With this card, vaccines can be monitored throughout the supply chain to ensure they are kept within the required range. Upon receipt, end users will have an immediate, visual pass/fail confirmation of temperature excursions, indicating whether or not vaccine efficacy and safety have been compromised. The card includes easy-to-read instructions for shippers to activate the label and for end users to interpret results when vaccines are received.

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