RX BACNET 500-312 | BACnet receiver LoRa – IP and/or MSTP

RX BACNET 500-312 | BACnet receiver LoRa – IP and/or MSTP


  • Can be used in private LoRa mode – only compatible with Enless transmitters
  • 118 x 79 x 43mm
  • IP/MSTP – DHCP/BBMD interfaces
  • BACnet ASC profile
  • Can manage up to 40 transmitters
  • External power supply (7.5 to 24V)
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Applications of the LoRa BACnet receiver

The Enless Wireless LoRa receiver is compatible with the BACnet protocol – the reference protocol for building automation and control.

The Enless BACnet receiver complies with the specification of the B-ASC profile. It can be used both in IP and/or MSTP. DHCP as well as BBMD options can also be enabled.
The Enless BACnet receiver can collect data from as many as 40 Enless LoRa transmitters.

The BACnet LoRa receiver has two user modes:

  • Object Mode: All the BACnet objects contained in the receiver are visible during discover
  • Device Mode: Only those sensor BACnet objects selected to be visible for the receiver are visible during discover

The receiver is configured using an extremely easy to access and use IP server.

The BACnet receiver has an external power supply of 7.5 to 24V.

This product is LoRa Enless compatible (not LoRaWAN). It allows you to build a private proprietary Enless Wireless LoRa network. LoRaWAN transmitters from other manufacturers will not be recognised by this receiver.

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