PH7 | Portable Humidifier, 7.5L/Hr


  • Low pressure humidifiers work by spraying water through centrifugal force. Unlike high-pressure systems, the water is sprayed into the room in the form of a very fine mist (water droplets below 20 μ) which evaporates immediately – resulting in minimal limescale build-up.
  • The humidification capacity is constant and independent of temperature and humidity level.
  • Control of an external mechanical hygrostat (option)
  • Adjustable capacity from 1 to 7 l / h
  • It reduces electrostatic charges
  • IP 56
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Product Specification


Detailed Product features and Specification


Low-pressure PH humidifiers are intended for warehouses, laboratories, production halls, conservatories, cold stores, cold warehouses with wine or fruit, florists, etc. Low-pressure humidifiers are characterized by easy and cheap installation. The models of the PH series have an additional important advantage. They produce a mist with droplets smaller than in compressed air water spraying systems or high-pressure systems (below 20 µm), which significantly reduces the formation of limescale. NOTE: The PH7 version, due to its higher efficiency, sprays water much more intensively than the PH3 and PH5 versions, which may result in wet surfaces.


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