DR 201-95 | Digital Handheld Refractometer Auto Temp. Compensation

• Large measuring range
• High precision
• Calibrated with water
• Display of measurement results in various units
• Automatic temperature compensation
• Robust casing
• Little weight

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The DR201-95 is a compact digital hand-held refractometer which eliminates user-related reading errors associated with most manual hand-held refractometers. Specially developed for fast and easy quality and process control, it has a wide measuring range for refractive index and sugar scales. Thus, one DR201-95 can replace several existing instruments. A special model is available with an Oechsle scale instead of a sugar scale for measuring alcohol content. Both instruments are low-maintenance and are calibrated with distilled water. The 1.5 V battery lasts for over 1000 measurements.

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