DR 301-95 | Digital Handheld Refractometer with USB Interface, Auto Temp. Compensation

• Large measuring range
• High precision
• Calibrated with water
• Display of measurement results in various units
• Automatic temperature compensation
• Robust casing
• Little weight

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The digital hand-held refractometer DR301-95 has more functions than a simple hand-held refractometer while being more cost-effective than desktop units. Besides the refractive index, sugar and salt scales, up to two other scales can be programmed. To program these scales, the hand-held refractometer can be connected to a PC via a serial interface. The software supplied allows results to be managed and printed out. While the instrument can be operated as a mobile unit with a 9 V block battery, the optional power supply unit turns the DR301-95 into a laboratory refractometer. The stainless steel sample plate can be cleaned quickly and easily. Calibration is performed with distilled water and features optional temperature compensation. For incoming goods control applications, an upper and lower tolerance alarm can be entered.

Specialties: optional temperature compensation feature and upper and lower tolerance alarm.

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