30.1011 | Jumbo In/Out Digital Thermometer with External Probe

30.1011 | Jumbo In/Out Digital Thermometer with External Probe


  • Display of indoor-outdoor temperatures
  • Outdoor temperature via cable
  • Also for the monitoring of freezer / aquarium
  • Max.-min. values
  • Extra-large display



This functional thermometer is ideal for simultaneous measurement of indoor and outdoor temperatures. Thanks to the large display, the values are particularly easy to read.
Controlling the indoor temperature is an important factor for a comfortable and healthy living environment and helps save energy. Even one degree less temperature can bring up to 6% reduction in heating costs.

When placed at the window, the sensor cable is simply led outside to measure the outdoor temperature. The max.-min. memory with manual reset allows the observation of peak values over a self-selected period of time.

The application possibilities of thermometers with sensor cables are manifold and not only limited to the outdoor temperature. Due to the large measuring range, the waterproof measuring sensor can also be used for temperature monitoring of the refrigerator and freezer or for measuring the water temperature in the aquarium.

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