SI 901 | CO2 Carbon Dioxide Detector

SI 901 | CO2 Carbon Dioxide Detector


  • Industrial grade sensor
  • Measure and display CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity at the same time
  • Big size color VA display
  • Yellow: 1200 to 1999ppm; Red: over 2000ppm
  • 3 colours LED Alarm and buzzer alarm
  • Re-chargeable lithium battery


To assess the adequacy of ventilation, measurement of ventilation rate is required. If not possible, carbon dioxide levels at occupied areas may be used as a surrogate. According to SS554, high carbon dioxide levels, more than 700 ppm in excess of outdoor level, indicates poor ventilation or overcrowding. In view of the current COVID-19 situation, premises owners should achieve lower levels.

Product Specification


Detailed Product features and Specification


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