EXACTO 30.5047 | Digital Thermohygrometer

EXACTO 30.5047 | Digital Thermohygrometer


  • Measures temperature and humidity
  • With coloured comfort-level zones for a healthy room climate
  • Max.- Min. memory with manual and automatic reset
  • Very accurate with precision sensor
  • Backlight, stainless steel frame



The high-quality thermohygrometer EXACTO with stainless steel frame is an ideal measuring instrument for monitoring the room climate. You can keep an eye on the temperature and humidity and regulate them with targeted heating and ventilation. This creates a pleasant and healthy living environment and even saves on heating costs. Coloured comfort-level zones indicate whether the values are ideal, too humid or overly dry. The max and min values are permanently shown on the display and can be read anytime. There are two different memories available. The max.-min. values are automatically reset daily and manually after a self-selected period. Trend arrows inform about a change in the temperature and humidity values. The hygrometer is equipped with a precision sensor and very accurate. The backlight makes the display easy to read even in the dark. EXACTO can be wall mounted or freestanding. An integrated magnet allows easy attachment to metallic surfaces.

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