CA10 | Cloud Access Point

CA10 | Cloud Access Point


  • Reliable >100 m (328 ft) wireless range due to LoRa™ based radio technology
  • Detachable high-accuracy relative humidity and temperature probes
  • Optional magnetic mounting bracket available
  • Typical battery life of 18 months
  • Uses standard alkaline batteries


For CWL100 Wireless Data Logger

Cloud Access Point CA10 is part of the Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud system. CA10 is a wireless networking hardware device that connects CWL100 data loggers to Jade Smart Cloud service. CA10 enables management of the data loggers from the cloud interface. The access point always requires an Internet connection for operation.

CA10 access points and CWL100 data loggers are associated with a specific Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud account when they are purchased so there is no need for the user to do any device pairing actions.

Product Specification


Detailed Product features and Specification


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