MRDL | Mid-Range Data Loggers

MRDL | Mid-Range Data Loggers


  • Measurements are traceable to the International System of units (SI) through national metrology institutes.
  • Software options include vLog for Validation/Mapping and viewLinc continuous monitoring and alarming.
  • The Vaisala OPC-DA Server software can be used to integrate Vaisala DL-series data loggers to non-Vaisala systems


For temperature, humidity, and contact channel measurement 

Vaisala Mid-range Data Loggers are designed for early phase drug and device development applications where speed and economy are critical. The MR loggers can be used with Vaisala software to monitor and analyze environmental data and provide presentation-quality records that are easily exported to PDF and spreadsheets.

Product Specification


Detailed Product features and Specification


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