PTB330TS | Barometric Pressure Transfer Standard


  • PTB330 digital barometer for accurate pressure measurement
  • Handheld MI70 indicator with a user-friendly, multilingual display
  • Service port for MI70 Link software or computer
  • Vaisala HUMICAPâ humidity and temperature probe HMP155
  • Weatherproof transport case
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Barometric Pressure Transfer Standard PTB330TS combines a PTB330 digital barometer with a hand-held MI70 indicator within a portable unit functioning as a transfer standard. The optional HMP155 probe is available for accurate humidity and temperature measurement. For professional meteorology, aviation, laboratories and demanding industrial applications.

Operational PTB330TS unit includes a PTB330 digital barometer, hand-held MI70 indicator, optional HMP155 humidity and temperature probe, optional MI70 Link PC software, a user’s guide and a weatherproof transfer case equipped with a shoulder strap.







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