• Features
    • Low permanent pressure loss for clean liquid or gas (vapour).
  • Features Wedge type flow meter is available for:
    •  The liquid which viscous is higher than 500 mPa.s, such as fuel oil, residual oil and heavy oil
    • Liquid-Solid mixture which contains suspended particles, such as slurry of sewage
    • The Reynolds is available for Re=300 to 10, therefor it can be used in the fluid of gases and steam.
    • The common technical parameters is 25mm<D <600mm, PN < 6.4MPa, t< 200 Degree C.
        Technical Data
    • Style: Integral or separate available
    • Service: Please refer to the Features as above
    • Material: SS316 standard; option available
    • Accuracy: + 0.5% of actual flow rate over calibrated range for 1"- 24"
    • Repeatability: 0.2%
    • Line size: Unlimited end, thread end or Weld end available
    • End Connection: flange end, thread end or Weld available
    • Limited Temperature: Integral Style: max. 150 C; Separate Style: max. 370 Degree C
    • Limited Pressure: Integral style: 100 kg/ cm2; Separate style: 20 kg/cm2


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