Additel 161 | Intelligent Digital Pressure Modules

Additel 161 | Intelligent Digital Pressure Modules


  • Pressure ranges to 60,000 psi (4,200 bar)
  • Pressure measurement accuracy of 0.02% FS
  • Precision accuracy to 0.01% RD, 0.05% accuracy up to 40K psi
  • Intrinsically Safe (Ex) models available
  • Fully temperature compensated accuracy
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With advanced microprocessor technology and state-of-the-art silicon pressure sensors, Additel’s 161 and 161Ex series Digital Pressure Modules provide an accurate, reliable, and economic solution for wide range of pressure applications. Our intrinsically safe (Ex) models are up to the task of providing the best possible results, even in hazardous environments. In order to reach the best performance, every silicon pressure sensor in the module has been specially aged, tested and screened before assembly. Designed as external pressure modules for Additel’s 760 automatic handheld pressure calibrator, the ADT761 automated pressure calibrator, ADT226/ADT227 series handheld process calibrator and Additel’s flagship 780 pressure controller, the Additel 161 is unmatched in performance and reliability. If intrinsic safety is a critical requirement for your workload, we have you covered when you combine our model ADT226Ex/ADT227Ex process calibrator with any of our ADT161Ex pressure modules.

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