EPD Kit | Standalone automated system for individual dosimetry control


  • Portable system for dosimetry control with standalone power supply
  • Monitoring and evaluation of radiation exposure of the staff
  • Protected performance for use in the field environment
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Standalone portable kit for individual dosimetry control for emergency groups and teams of NPP radiation surveillance or State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SESU) task units has been developed on the basis of our new software ASIDC Ecotest. The kit is designed to measure individual dose equivalent of gamma radiation and keep automated database of accumulated dose of personnel of emergency groups and teams of NPP radiation surveillance or SESU task units during emergencies. Developed on the basis of DKG-21M gamma radiation dosimeters in the amount according to the customer needs (basic kit 56 pcs.) that meet the IEC 61526 international standard, and a laptop with water- and dust-proof casing. The system also includes the infrared port adapter, which provides data communication, and high quality protected case “Pelican”.

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