EPD-27 | DoseG and DoseGX – Electronic Personal Dosimeter

EPD-27 | DoseG and DoseGX – Electronic Personal Dosimeter


  • Scintillator-based detectors with a silicon photomultiplier
  • Ability to store data in non-volatile memory
  • Sound, light, and vibration alarms of threshold levels exceeding
  • Infrared port for transferring the dose accumulation history and event history from the dosimeter to the personal computer, as well as for setting up the dosimeter
  • Glass-filled plastic shock-resistant housing of high ingress protection rating IP67
  • Backlight of the digital display
  • Resistant to 60 repetitive shocks, each corresponding to a drop of 10 cm on a hard steel surface, and resistant to 6 drops (one drop on each side) from a height of 1 m on a hard surface
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DoseG and DoseGX represent a new EPD-27 family of electronic personal dosimeters from ECOTEST trademark.

The devices are intended for use as part of an automated system of individual dosimetric control and for autonomous use. EPD-27 dosimeters are available in two modifications – DoseG and DoseGX.

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