Air Pro | Air Quality Monitor

Air Pro | Air Quality Monitor


  • Patented cartridge system
  • Multiple pollutants
  • Calibration certificate
  • Additional Probes
  • Remote calibration
  • Reduced maintenance
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Measure air pollution with accurate and reliable data

You deserve good air quality.

Monitor up to 5 pollutants and particles simultaneously and get real-time data on the quality of the air you breathe.

Measure the impact of your activities and see if your decisions to ensure good air quality are really effective. Visualise and analyse all data in one place thanks to the Kunak AIR Cloud web platform.

Get accurate data on a wide range of pollutants.

With the most versatile solution on the market, you can choose the pollutants to measure for each project. Thanks to its patented smart cartridge technology, you can replace them whenever you need to.

Start improving the air quality in your community today.

Get the award-winning solution as the most accurate multi-pollutant sensor and start taking effective action to improve air quality. With the Kunak AIR Cloud web platform, you can easily visualise and analyse the data collected by the sensor network and make better decisions.

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