SKY3000 Link | Portable Wireless Modem with GPS

SKY3000 Link | Portable Wireless Modem with GPS


  • Support long distance wireless data communication, with a distance of up to 3 kilometers
  • Provide flexible communication protocols that can connect multiple detection devices through serial ports
  • Built-in Bluetooth module, which can wirelessly connect to other Bluetooth devices
  • Integrated GPS receiver provides global satellite positioning function
  • Display wireless signal strength, GPS status, and battery information
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries provide long-term operation
  • Rugged impact resistant housing
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 SKY3000 is a IECEX/ATEX/EMC certified portable multi gas detector. It is suction type with built-in pump to detect up to 6 gas types in 1 device. The standard gas type is multi 4 (CO H2S O2 LEL) gases. There are thousands of gas types for selection to support very wide applications. It’s with wireless communication so user can access to real-time data and alarm status remotely. The standard datalog function to export data to PC and no need software.

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