MicroRAE | 4-Gas Monitor

MicroRAE | 4-Gas Monitor


  • Numerous connectivity solutions. Compact and lightweight.
  • Strong, protective, concussion-proof design.
  • Real-time gas concentration readings, location, alarm, and status enabled by state-ofthe-art wireless technology.
  • IP67 water and dust resistant case
  • Five-way local and remote notification of alarm conditions. Short bump test and calibration time. Global approval for worldwide acceptance
  • Filtered LEL sensor options to inhibit sensor poisoning. Compatible with Safety Communicator. Device Management with Honeywell Safety Suite


The MicroRAE four-gas portable detector brings enhanced user-friendliness and flexibility to wireless gas detection. This enables continuous, instant visibility of safety threats for faster, more informed decisions, to protect workers, facilities, and the environment, and to optimize operations.

Product Specification


Detailed Product features and Specification


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