SKY8000 | Portable Gas Analyzer

SKY8000 | Portable Gas Analyzer


  • Support to monitor 1-18 gas types3.5-inch color LCD display support both real time data and chart, user friendly
  • Built-in pump gas sampling, faster response. Equipped with multi-layer filtering, protect sensor from oil, water vapour, dust.
  • Standard 32G SD memory card to store and export data by U-disk easily
  • Support Lora and other wireless communication (Optional)
  • Support built-in printer for real time data printing (Optional)
  • High temperature, high humidity environment measurement (Optional)
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SKY8000 series gas analyzer is a data collector which can quickly acquire and analyze gas concentration components in factory, scientific research, university and complex working environment. There are 4 different version to support different applications including SKY8000-M gas analyzer to monitor gases in ambient environment; SKY8000-AQ air quality gas analyzer to monitor gases, particle counter, dew point, temperature and humidity; SKY8000-OU odor gas analyzer to monitor H2S, NH3,odor ;SKY8000-EM emission gas analyzer to monitor high gas concentration gases in flue gas environment.

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