WL-21 | Wireless Anemometer With Wind Direction

WL-21 | Wireless Anemometer With Wind Direction


  • Max 500m ultra-long wireless transceiver
  • Audible & visual wind speed alarm
  • Data recording up to 1 year
  • Wind speed, wind direction, temp., air pressure measurements
  • Max 3 years sensor battery life
  • IP67 waterproof & impact resistant
  • Fast & secure magnetic installation kit


WL-21 displays the live wind speed value in selectable measurement units (m/s, knots, MPH, km/hr) Users can set a wind speed warning limit on based on local operation safety standards. An audible and visual alarm will be trigger when the limit has been reached. Each sensor has a unique wireless address that can connect to several displays to notify multiple stakeholders on-site.

Product Specification


Detailed Product features and Specification


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