DKM-MICMETA | Multi Docking Station for MicMeta

DKM-MICMETA | Multi Docking Station for MicMeta


  • Bump testing, calibration, configuration and data recording on a single station
  • Fast–up to 3 units bumped or calibrated simultaneously
  • Portable, using battery power for up to 3000 bump tests
  • Upgrades Docking Firmware
  • Robust–All-in-one hard case and data analysis
  • With 32G SD card, more than 10,0000 sets data can be recorded
  • Saves the bump ,calibration,configuration data in station and support U-disk connection for data and calibration report export
  • Includes Safegas PC software for easy configuration
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DKM- MicMeta provides bump testing and calibration for 1-3 units on a multi-unit station. It also maintains the all important event logs that demonstrate users are working within company requirements. It supports data export through U-DISK, simple, user friendly and functional.

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