DKG-21M | Personal Gamma Radiation Dosimeter

DKG-21M | Personal Gamma Radiation Dosimeter


  • IP54 ingress protection rating.
  • Stand-alone use or use within automated system of personal dosimetry control.
  • Storage of dose accumulation history in the nonvolatile memory with real time reference.
  • Transfer of dose accumulation history through the infrared port to the computer.
  • Blocking the mode of power supply switch off until the data reading procedure finished.
  • Gamma radiation DER and DE threshold levels programming with the help of the computer or manually with control keys.
  • Blocking certain indication modes in response to the computer command.
  • Light and audio alarms when programmed threshold levels exceeded on DER and DE of gamma radiation.
  • Display automatic switch off if current gamma background is lower than the preset threshold level with instant switching on at:
    – pressing any control key;
    – gamma background increase above the preset threshold level;
    – alarm clock ringing.
  • Periodic self-testing of batteries and detector.
  • Energy-compensated Geiger-Muller counter.


Direct reading personal dosimeter in a damp and dustproof body with a high ingress protection rating, designed for use by the Army, Ministry of Emergencies and Civil Defense in conditions of significant temperature oscillations and high dustiness of atmosphere.

It can be used either independently or within the automated system of personal dosimetry control ASIDC-21.

The dosimeter allows storing dose accumulation history with real time reference in the non-volatile memory, and communicating it to the computer. If the programmed threshold levels of gamma dose or its rate are exceeded, light and audio alarms are actuated.

DKG-21M is in operational service with the Ukrainian Army, and is successfully used by the Army and the units of the Ministry of Emergencies of Kazakhstan.

Purpose of Use

  • Measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation individual dose equivalent rate (DER).
  • Measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation individual dose equivalent (DE).
  • Clock, alarm clock.

Branches of Use

  • Mining industry
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Emergency service and civil defense



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